Diane Russell

Storyboard Artist / Creative Director

Diane was born in Venezuela, from French parents, grew up in Brazil, lived in United States. After freelancing as a storyboard artist for film, she found home in Shanghai, where she has been a Creative Director of multinational digital agencies, for the last 6 years. A PhD graduate in Cinematography from the oldest university in the world and a licensed lecturer by the French Cinematheque, Diane is as much an educator as a visual storyteller. With her 14 years of experience, she helped establish and taught at Crystal Academy, a vocational college for digital arts.

Azmir Zed

SEA Games Medallist/ Life Coach

A chemical engineer by profession, Azmir is a national rugby player, SEA Games medallist, Ultramarathoner and a husband to cancer survivor wife. Albeit those, his true passion lies in coaching. Under his brand AZ Fitness, he conducts corporate bootcamps and fitness programs including Warriors Fitfcamp – a successful nationwide fitness program. Coach Azmir Zed strongly believes it is never too late for anyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle as our health is our main priority.

Prof Mushtak Al-Atabi

Engineer / Educator / Trainer

Prof Mushtak Al-Atabi is a professor of mechanical engineering, author, trainer and consultant. He has led a number of educational initiatives including pioneering Project Based Learning and CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate) framework in Malaysia. As an innovative educator, he developed and delivered the first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) in Malaysia. He also pioneered the use of MOOCs for corporate training and human development. Since then, he has run numerous online courses taken by thousands all over the world. Prof Mushtak ventured into writing and published 2 books independently, “Driving Performance” and “Think like an Engineer”. Apart from that, he is a strong willed, visionary, and innovative individual who has numerous research publications, awards and honours.

SADA Borneo

Malaysian Band/Asia’s Got Talent Semi-Finalist 2015

A fusion of nature-inspired, traditional and modern-ethnic sounds, SADA Borneo’s claim to fame on AXN’s Asia’s Got Talent 2015 was no small feat. Having recently awarded the NEGARAKU 2017 AWARD by the Prime Minister’s Office, SADA Borneo continues to redefine music by fusing modern western, traditional Malaysian, ethnic-oriented elements and sounds of nature in their musical arrangement and composition. Putting all these elements together, they intend to revive local music on a global stage.

Anthony Sebastian

Wildlife Ecologist / Conservation Planner

A wildlife ecologist by training and a conservation-planning specialist by profession, Anthony Sebastian provides consultancy services in many aspects of development and planning across Asia and the Middle East. He specializes in the fields of conservation, agriculture & wetlands, forestry, policy and international conventions. With a highly inquisitive mind, he was the first Asian chairperson of International Board for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Anthony Sebastian is committed towards strengthening FSC’s presence in Asia through his 20 over years of experience working with governments and non-governmental organizations across 17 Asian countries.

Magdaline Muuk

Teacher / TED-Ed Innovative Educator

Magdaline is an English teacher in SMK Kidurong that actively promotes innovation and exposes global activities & opportunities to students. With her guidance, her students have won numerous awards at both state & national levels including an invitation to USA for SEAYLP Program. Last year she was invited to New York to be recognized as a TED-Ed Innovative Educator. She is currently teaching and working on the Global Classroom Project while at the same time pursuing her PHD in TESL.

Alvin Wee

Hollywood Film Music Producer

Alvin Wee is a Kuching born award-winning producer and music engineer based in Los Angeles. He is the man behind international blockbuster’s soundtracks such as ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’, ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’, ‘Kingdom Hearts’, ’13 Hours’, ‘Money Monster’ and ‘Resident Evil VII’. In 2016, he won “Best Original Song” in Asian Oscars – Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Awards for producing ‘Ola Bola’ theme song.

James Lai

IoT Technocrat

With 20 years of experience in Test & Measurement, software development / simulation / design tools, Industrial Automation & IoT (Internet of Things), James held various technical roles as Application Engineer & later Field Support Engineer at National Instruments & Agilent Technologies. During his career, James has conducted various technical training, workshops and appeared as speaker at conferences. He is currently the founder & principal consultant for IoT Labs – an IoT consultancy & integration services firm based in Selangor. He is also the current president of MyIoTA (Malaysia Internet-of-Things Association) setup in 2016 to drive the growth of the IoT eco-system in the region & promote IoT applications to solve everyday problems in the industry.