OPENING DATE: 17th August 2017

CLOSING DATE: 27th October 2017

Term & Conditions:

1. HOW.
•Relate to the theme, “Be the Best”
•Songs must be 3-5 minutes
•Of any structure and music genre
•In your video recording, kindly introduce yourself briefly (name, age, location) and explain your inspiration behind the song
•Language is mainly English. Participants may insert local dialects or language; however a translation must be provided.
•Video must be high quality (not lower than 360kbps) and lyrics has to be heard clearly
•Send us the link of your uploaded video recording in any file sharing or storage platform (Google Drive, Dropbox) along with the lyrics and other details
•Details to be included are: Name, Age, Email Address, Company/Institution, Tel Number and Song Title,
•Email your submission to

2. NUMBER OF ENTRIES. Each participant is eligible for one entry

3. COMPOSITIONS. Material submitted must be original, should not have been previously entered in any competition and should not infringe any copyrights or any other rights of third parties.

4. ENTRY FORMS. Failure to properly complete all sections of the entry form will void the entry.

5. ENTRY MATERIAL. Entries may be acoustic/live recordings, and will not be judged on production values.

6. CONFIRMATION OF ENTRY RECEIPT. A confirmation of entry receipt will be sent to the email address stipulated on the entry form within one week of receipt of entry. If you have not received confirmation for your entry within a fortnight of submission, please email:

7. JUDGING. All entries will be subject to a preliminary judging round before the finalists are selected and presented to the final judging panel. The Judges’ decision at both the preliminary and final round is final with no exceptions, and no correspondence will be entered into.

8. NOTIFICATION OF RESULTS. Winner will be posted on TEDxKenyalang website ( on completion of the judging process, after winning entrants have been informed via phone.

9. PRIZE. Winner will receive cash prize of RM3000 (inc. GST).

10. PROMOTIONAL USE. By entering the competition, the entrant agrees that entry materials may be used by TEDxKenyalang for nonsale promotional purposes. This may include placing samples of the winning entries and reproducing the winning lyrics on the TEDxKenyalang website and social media. The rights and ownership of the songs will remain with the composers.

11. PROTECTION AND DESTRUCTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION. The TEDxKenyalang will not use or distribute the entrant’s personal information for marketing or any other purposes. All personal information shall be destroyed within a reasonable time after the determination of winner. However, in the event that personal information is accidentally accessed or transmitted, the TEDxKenyalang will not be liable.

12. RETURN OF ENTRY MATERIAL. Entered material will not be returned.

13. PERFORMANCE AND MEDIA OPPORTUNITIES. By entering the competition, winner automatically agrees to publicly perform their winning song at the request of TEDxKenyalang for a 12-month period from November 25th 2017. Entrants also agree to conduct various media interviews as requested by TEDxKenyalang.
By submitting to the TEDxKenyalang 2017, the entrant agrees to the entry rules and regulations.

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